Online Resources

Resources for the Church

Tyndale House is committed to making biblical scholarship available and accessible to the church.  Our latest resources for the church include a series of three short films providing some manuscript evidence for the events of the Easter narrative.

Resources for Scholars

Tyndale House is committed to supporting Biblical research by providing electronic resources necessary for the task, without payment whenever possible. This includes means for writing and studying Biblical languages, finding primary and secondary literature, and studying the text in its original languages.

Free resources include:

  • Unicode Fonts – Greek, Hebrew & Transliteration fonts and keyboards for PCs and Macs
  • Finding Sources – links to the best Biblical Studies and Theology sites and sources
  • Finding Books – links to the best bibliography databases and catalogues for online reading
  • Bible Software – links and introductions to the best tools for Biblical Studies, commercial and free
  • 2LetterLookup – a quick-click dictionary for Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Latin …
  • Lexicons – full-text lexicons for Biblical Languages which are faster to use than paper
  • Tregelles Greek NT – a neglected influential and useful edition of the Greek New Testament
  • Tyndale Toolbar – find online books, read 70+ Bible versions, translation tools and much more

We also provide mirrored space for significant projects from outside Tyndale House: